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Chris Coleman

Consumers Feel More At Risk for Identity Theft When Making Certain Types of Purchases
A recent National Foundation for Credit Counseling (NFCC) survey conducted by Harris Interactive® revealed that 45 percent of all U.S. adults, roughly 101 million people, would feel at most risk for identity theft when making a purchase with a credit card that requires the card to be temporarily taken out of their sight, for example, at a restaurant. By contrast, consumers are least fearful of falling victim to identity theft when using their credit card to make a purchase in person as in a store. Only 21 percent of U.S. adults listed this as a concern, suggesting that consumers are comfortable as long as they can keep an eye on their card.

President's Column:
Boo! Scareware Attacks on the Rise

It’s the season of spooks, goblins and ghosts – I know my kids can’t wait to get out to trick-or-treat in a couple of weeks, but they will not be the only scary creatures in a costume this year. The recent scareware attacks are cropping up everywhere and can be found on even trusted websites. The threat of scareware undermines consumer trust in compromised websites, and on the Internet in general, but there are steps computer users can take to protect themselves.

BBB Alert:
Fighting Friendly Fraud

Businesses are increasingly becoming victims of “friendly fraud” - fraud carried out by customers to get items free of charge. The BBB warns small business owners to be on the lookout for friendly fraud. According to the Wall Street Journal, many companies are currently seeing up to a 50 percent spike in friendly fraud since October 2008. The most common types of friendly fraud involve cases in which a customer falsely claims they:

The Better Business Bureau is currently seeking companies and organizations to be nominated for the BBB Integrity Awards. The Integrity Awards were established to recognize companies and organizations whose business practices and related activities in the community exemplify the BBB’s mission of advancing marketplace trust. To nominate a company, please complete the information below and mail, email or fax it to the BBB. All companies nominated will be required to complete a formal application. Awards will be presented in April 2010. Nomination deadline is December 21, 2009. You may nominate your own company.

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BBB Particpates in Meals From The Heartland
On September 3, 2009 the staff of the BBB volunteered with Meals From The Heartland packaging food to be sent to various locations throughout the world where shortages and hunger threaten the population. Our team walked to Hy Vee Hall and participated with hundreds of others in placing the food products in bags, sealing and packing the bags. Earlier this summer several of our operations staff members volunteered with the Junior Olympics.

BBB Staff At Mealf from the Heartland
From left to right:
Terry McCarl, Barb Carson, Chris Coleman, Joel VanHorn, Madeline Storey, Ron Schroeder, Diane Bermudez, Abbie Andrews, Theresa Cummings, Laura Chavez and Kathy Lawson.

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